Danielle Diamond is a multi-field visionary ‘Heartist’, activator, connector & guide who explores personal & social topics through the creation of extensive & various artistic projects.

“Wether we like it or not, love is on our side, It wants us to win, so how come we hide? Seeking change in our lives, we must look inside, life is a journey so don’t treat it like a ride.”


Hello love & welcome to my site. As a multi-faceted human being, I have work displayed on multiple platforms. I love finding ways to organize & communicate with you digitally!
I have created a few categories below to help you find what you are looking for, or to discover why you were lead here in the first place. If you know what you want…fill in a contact form and I’ll get back to you at divine o’clock 😉 Enjoy!


I create visual stories through photographs, live stage productions & film projects, they tell tales about my lived experiences, imagined journeys & relationship to the vast field of infinite creation. My characters (I’d like to think) are either thought provoking, inspiring, unsettling or enchanting. They speak to the deep ocean of human emotion within us all, & our ability to transform our world through the use of our Hearts.


Arriving at this title has been a journey in and of itself as I am a professionally trained dancer/actress, and have carried the spirit of entertainer from birth. (Just ask my Mother.) ‘Entertainment’ is from the Old French word entretenir meaning hold together or support. It was associated with hospitality––when you entertained a guest, you were keeping them happy.
Though I no longer seek to ‘make people happy,’ I still have a deep drive to assist in the raising of vibrational energy wherever I am. I do this best through the arts of dance, theatre and audience engagement which translates loosely to ‘LET ME ACTIVATE YOUR SPACE & perhaps the people there will choose join in the fun ;).


I’m getting ready to launch my first ‘official’ workshop series in a practice that’s still flying under the radar called COSTUME THERAPY. I have been working & observing clients in the fields of fashion, professional costuming & performance art for the past 15 years. With gratitude I am ready to share with you some methods I have practiced which have helped me transform myself, and may help you transform yourself too!
These workshops are for drama queens (as I lovingly self-identify), AND quieter folks who are seeking a place for freedom of expression.


Some of my passions that live beyond the scope of this website include POETRY, PHILOSOPHY, NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY & EXPLORING THE SACRED, both in human consciousness and here on Gaia. My project called Red Velvet Renegade is where I keep documentation of these passion projects and life journeys…go see for yourself!
I have been a COSTUME DESIGNER, FASHION STYLIST & PROFESSIONAL WARDROBE DESIGNER for the fashion & TV/FILM industry for many years. Right now I am accepting a few 2023 custom commissions for Burning Man Couture or bridal gown reclamations (my personal favorite.)
I am will take on select film projects that align with my vision for a harmonious human culture.

(The button below takes you to my costuming company website ‘House of Regalia’)

Shine Bright Like A Diamond…

Are you hosting, producing, shooting or writing something amazing? Consider hiring me and my team to help bring your vision to life in a professional, eclectic & efficient manner. I offer directorial services as well as styling, choreography, head to toe transformations & of course, embodying the character of your story.

I AM interested in getting involved in ceremonial & ritual gatherings for peace & harmony around the world. Please message me if you are creating magick in this way, I would love to bring my heART to you.

– Danielle I. Diamond

Our homepage features photographs shot by Sarah Sovereign