Live To Serve

The last time I walked for ‘The International Fashion Gala’ I represented Eidolon Couture, an amazing designer from the states whose partner designs these opulent headdresses to accent the gowns. I felt like a Golden Goddess in this piece, absolutely LOVED what the stylist did to my hair (kind of missing the blonde right now) and to postpone undressing for as long as possible I directed this impromptu visual story shoot with Actor Gray Magik.

I’m so honoured to have been invited to model again at THIS YEAR’S GALA which is happening tomorrow, Monday November 14th! There might still be a few tickets…yes I am last minuet in sharing this…but I highly recommend joining us if you are looking for a luxurious evening out and an amazing opportunity to GOWN OUT! I love being a part of this high vibe event which supports both local up and coming designers and famous international names alike.

I am also featured HERE in Colleen, a local fashion journalist’s review of our 2019 gala & check out this out…I am am immortal digital character ready to bring Golden Light into the 2nd dimension 😉

Illustration by Alexandra Avenn & photo series shot by Canna Images ❤

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