Queendom of Atlantis

Premier short by Diamond Eye Films, featuring soundtrack by Blackberry Wood, & performance by Diamond’s roving theatre troupe. Film was shot at a luxury event experience produced by Kat Single-Dain of the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret. Costumes & main character concepts designed by House of Regalia

Still Photography by kuna lu // ig: @kunaphotography // w: www.kunaphotography.com //

Partnering with Blackberry Wood, a wild carnival band who just released a Halloween inspired album ‘Spooky Magic’ that you can listen to & purchase on their bandcamp.

Our film was shot during a luxury event experience curated & produced by Kat Single-Dain of the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret. Link yourself in with these folks for all the most spectacular & original performance art, dance classes & theme events to be found in East Van & beyond.

Costumes & characters were styled & designed by my company
House of Regalia.

Special Thanks to my DOP Vášeň Srdce who had zero direction from me other then ‘follow us.’Nailed it as usual. Follow his youtube channel here.


Director Danielle Diamond

   DOP       Vášeń

               Event Producer       Kat Single-Dain

               Soundtrack       Blackberry Wood 

              Casting & Story     Danielle Diamond

             Costume Design    House of Regalia

Makeup Lead Chastity Chains

Fan Dancer Queen B

Hoop Clown 1 Lizard Queenie

Hoop Clown II Changeling

Pageboy Gray Magik

                           Juggler I Jesse MacKenzie Ward

Juggler II Shane Mackie

           Queen of Atlantis     Chastity Chains

               Muse of Poetry      Amethyst Mist

                 Muse of Song         Mohini Dances

               Muse of Dance        Danielle Diamond

                     The Scribe      Jai Aquarian 

               Queen’s Guard         Wade Jordan Wade

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