One day I woke up & realized I didn’t know who was, I had spent my whole life fitting into other people’s boxes & lacked an authentic connection with myself.

My dramatic & dangerous journey of self-discovery combined with a decade of work as a personal stylist, lead to the development of a new healing module I call COSTUME THERAPY.


Your Closet

Personal transformation begins within the deep corners of your soul. Same goes for outer! Let’s asses your personal wardrobe & watch the process unfold.

Your ALTER-Ego

We are multi-faceted beings! I have discovered that by adorning ourselves in a particular fashion, we can call in the energy we desire to embody on a daily basis. Discover & honour your alter-egos through dress up sessions, intuitive personal styling professional portrait photography.


Are you desiring to ‘come out’ to yourself & to the world as a fully realized creative Be-Ing? I offer performance coaching, group performance-based playshops & guided public adventures all with the goal to shed shame and show your true colors.

“I created costume therapy out of a deep personal need for transformation. I have gone through multiple identity-crises’ in my life and this deep aspect work has helped me to heal on incredibly deep levels.” – D.D

Testimonial Coming Soon.

— Jane Doe

Testimonial Coming Soon.

— Jane Doe