A raw & compelling performance artist, specializing in avant-garde works with custom couture costumes & complex characters. Diamond is also ‘The Mother of Costume Therapy’ & is a creative Director at House of Regalia.


Danielle Diamond,

Is a passionate performance artist, fashion designer, costume therapist & digital media artist. She was in her first dance class by 3 years old & was dancing competitively by age 11. She trained in various technical styles of dance & theatre throughout her teens and went on to study film acting in Vancouver after graduation.

Post grad, Diamond began booking gigs as a backup dancer & solo performer at night clubs & underground events, in renegade style with some of Vancouver’s top queer and avant-garde creators & producers.

She quickly gained a reputation for her visionary showcases, racey choreography, alternative styling and couture costume creations. She was one of the first cis women to perform as a ‘Drag Queen’ on the Vancouver stages, both challenging stereotypes and finding immense support for her developing artistic style in the queer community.

She began working behind the scenes as a fashion stylist and professional costumer in conjunct with her work as a performer starting in 2012. During this time she also booked rolls in short films & music videos, was featured in multiple magazine publications and created her own production company & fashion line called HOUSE OF REGALIA.

Diamond has recently launched an extremely exciting career project, giving birth to a brand new healing module she calls “Costume Therapy.’ Combining processes from her own healing journey & research from her years working as a stylist, Diamond offers us a refreshing approach to overcoming fear and connecting to ourselves as multi-dimensional creative be-ings.