Meet The Artist – What I’ve Been Up Too

Greetings World! Right now feels like an important time to reintroduce myself on the social medias…;) Diamond is the last name I recently adopted for myself & the I in my name is short for Irene, it’s my given middle name & my maternal grandmother’s first name. ❤ Many of you knew me previously asContinue reading “Meet The Artist – What I’ve Been Up Too”

‘Waking Dreams’ Off to the Burn.

Here is the first out of three film projects I will complete from my trip to the Burn. I’ve been trying to capture my experience in words, and will continue to do so after this film, but see if you can feel what I am feeling in the imagery below, as it speaks much louderContinue reading “‘Waking Dreams’ Off to the Burn.”

Queendom of Atlantis

Premier short by Diamond Eye Films, featuring soundtrack by Blackberry Wood, & performance by Diamond’s roving theatre troupe. Film was shot at a luxury event experience produced by Kat Single-Dain of the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret. Costumes & main character concepts designed by House of Regalia Still Photography by kuna lu // ig: @kunaphotography // w:Continue reading “Queendom of Atlantis”


A photo story to celebrate the season of shadow, of the Other Side & a wish that you too find a the lantern for the path into darkness. I had my hair done for a competition by stylist Travis Battaglia. I remember this shoot with my ex-girlfriend Katrina. We were both miserable, stressed out andContinue reading “Dusty.”

Art Film: Date With A Ghost

Playing with light, shadow, and improvisation.  There is this weird synchronicity for me and film making. Somehow I always find the exact perfect song. No struggle. This is odd because I struggle to do simple things like answering my phone or making it anywhere on time. Finding a song to perfectly match the nuances inContinue reading “Art Film: Date With A Ghost”