“Wether we like it or not, love is on our side, It wants us to win, so how come we hide? Seeking change in our lives, we must look inside, life is a journey though some treat it like a ride.”

“Picture an 18th century Lady sitting by the fire, she’s reading a novel she was told she shouldn’t. She hasn’t always been this way, but a wild talking flower in her private garden has been teaching her the ways. She moved from the worrying, into the ‘warrior’ and is currently watching the WEAVER take route.”

Danielle Diamond is a multi-faceted artist, naturalist, researcher & modern thinker who enjoys traveling & documenting her experiences on the road. She created this magazine style blog to share insights from her journey, publish artworks in digital story-telling, & connect with other be-ings around the globe that may also live with hearing loss, have religious trauma, or be interested in her most recent practice & research topic: The Healing Art of Costume Therapy.


Danielle is a professionally trained DANCER & FILM/THEATRE ACTRESS.. She works with directors & photographers to bring both raw & surreal characters to life for the SCREEN & STAGE. Danielle has been featured in music videos, art films, high caliber events & live stage productions.


Diamond styles & directs stunning imagery for EDITORIAL PHOTO SHOOTS, FILMS & STAGE PRODUCTIONS. She is also a professional COSTUME DESIGNER & creator of the conscious fashion brand House of Regalia.


A brand new arty therapy module designed & developed by Danielle Diamond which encourages the development of personal freedom, creative expansion & recovery from fear & shame based inhibitions. Diamond has been studying the effects of both professional costuming & amateur dress up for over 13 years now and is honoured to begin professional offering it as a private practice.

Through My Eyes…

I am currently working out of ROOM 113 in the City Center Artist Lodge, located at Main & 6th in the City Center Motel…such a cool place to be creating out of for the summer! The Motel is built on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh indigenous peoples, in what is now known as Vancouver BC.

I am completing a contract for Netflix at the end of June 2022 and am currently booking weekend gigs for summer. I have availability for large scale projects starting in September. I trust you have been guided my way for a reason, please do not hesitate to reach out & book a complimentary 15 min zoom consultation ❤


Book A Consultation

Looking to book Miss Diamond for a performance, styling gig or costume therapy session? Please email us at info@houseofregalia and we will forward you a booking calendar.

We are currently finishing working on a 6 episode netflix series so please be aware there may be a bit of a delay in our response time.

-Team Diamond @ The House of Regalia

Our homepage features photographs shot by Sarah Sovereign