Danielle Diamond

A raw, compelling, provocative, performance based story teller; Creating live & digital works while developing a private practice in costume therapy.

Diamond is a self-love & women’s empowerment advocate, working through a trauma-informed, queer, feminist lens. She has been producing independent works since 2010 and has 5 self-directed shows on her resume. She works as an art model, dancer, theatre & film actress and musical theatre performer.

Diamond is also a costume designer, breakdown artist, & intuitive visual signature guide. She creates high fashion art’s through her House… www.houseofregalia.ca


” I spent my 20’s trying to find myself, only to discover that the selves are endless and the exploration of them, an infinite sea of both bliss and horror.”

Danielle Diamond

Queendom of Atlantis

Premier short by Diamond Eye Films, featuring soundtrack by Blackberry Wood, & performance by Diamond’s roving theatre troupe. Film was shot at a luxury event experience produced by Kat Single-Dain of the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret. Costumes & main character concepts designed by House of Regalia Still Photography by kuna lu // ig: @kunaphotography // w:… Continue reading Queendom of Atlantis


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